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Cassidy Care Program

At John C. Cassidy, we believe that regular professional preventive maintenance of your cooling and heating system is the most important thing a home or business owner can do to ensure longevity and operational efficiency. All brands of air conditioners provide more comfort and stand a better chance of longer life and efficient operation when regularly maintained.

As a member of the Cassidy Care Program, not only will your system be running at maximum efficiency to save money on your electric bill, you will receive priority service scheduling with a 20% discount on all service repairs.

At each Cassidy Care Program service call, we:

Check, clean or replace filter for efficient operation

Check and clean condensate drain pan and drain line, preventing water damage

Check and calibrate thermostat to ensure even temperature

Check and lubricate all bearings, reducing wear

Check expansion valve for peak efficiency and maximum cooling

Check, clean and remove all vegetation from outdoor coil

Check and tighten electrical connections

Check and electronically measure amperage draw

Check fan blade to ensure they are tightly fastened

Check, adjust or replace belts for proper air flow

Check operation of heat

Check temperature difference

Check refrigerant level

Check pumping capacity of compressor

Check start and run capacitors

Check evaporator coil

Why you should consider the Cassidy Care Program

Today service plans are available for virtually everything from automobiles to kitchen appliances. While the extra cost to purchase protection for a toaster oven might be debatable, the cost of a maintenance plan for your cooling and heating system relative to the cost of repair or replacement if your unit is not properly maintained is not. And here’s why:

  • 90 percent of system breakdowns on units less than 10 years old could have been prevented had the unit been regularly and properly maintained by a professional
  • On average, a single repair costs as much as twice the price of a basic maintenance plan, three times the price of a single system tune-up, and 50 times the price of replacing your entire system
  • A maintenance plan is not the same as insurance because you’re receiving regular tangible service on your system to help prevent mechanical and electrical breakdown

In addition to the peace of mind you get from knowing the likelihood of a system breakdown is significantly reduced, regularly maintained cooling and heating systems:

  • Run more efficiently
  • Cost less to operate
  • Last longer than unmaintained systems
  • Provide better cooling and heating airflow
  • Provide higher quality indoor air

We offer annual schedules of preventive maintenance service calls, including monthly, bimonthly, quarterly and twice a year. We can also customize a plan just for you. We service homeowners with a single unit up to estates with complex environmental needs, and commercial properties with industrial-sized comfort control systems. At John C. Cassidy, no job is too big or small.

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