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The Installation Experts

No home or business owner likes the idea of having to replace a cooling and heating  system. It’s a big investment. Fortunately, with regular professional maintenance and repair using top-quality components, we can often bring even older systems back to like-new performance. However, like anything mechanical, even the best cared-for air conditioning system ages enough that replacement becomes more cost effective than repair, especially when the leaps in technology and efficiency of new systems are considered.

At John C. Cassidy, we carry only the highest quality brand names in the industry, including Trane, Carrier, Rheem, Ruud, Amana and York. With more than 50 years in business serving the community of Palm Beach County, we have, literally, tens of thousands of hours of experience installing new residential and commercial systems.

Because being without air conditioning for just a day in South Florida can be a daunting experience, at John C. Cassidy, we’ve streamlined the process to same-day service for complete system replacement in most cases.

In the event of a system failure, a factory trained John C. Cassidy technician will be dispatched quickly to assess your situation. Highly skilled at system diagnostics, the technician will explain your options. Some mechanical breakdowns can be repaired on the spot. Other repairs are either not possible because of the age of the unit or are not cost effective versus replacing the system.

In the event of replacement, one of our HVAC specialists is quickly dispatched to your home or business to assess your needs, wants and budget. Like purchasing any appliance for your home or business, there are options and the details of each will be thoroughly explained.

At John C. Cassidy, you will never be “sold.” Our representatives serve only to guide you through the process, offering input only when you want it. We firmly believe that this approach is what is responsible for John C. Cassidy forging lifelong relationships with our thousands of satisfied customers.

Installation Technical Team

Renovating your home or business? Adding on square footage? Depending on the age and design of your current air conditioning system, replacement or additional units might not be necessary. Often, existing components can be altered or relocated to accommodate design changes in your home or business. But the time to get a John C. Cassidy HVAC specialist involved is during the planning stages, when even a minor alteration in design—with little to no difference in aesthetics—could save you thousands of dollars in retrofitting your existing cooling and heating system.

Our installation technicians not only have years of cooling and heating experience, but they also undergo rigorous specialized construction-related training in order to be able to seamlessly marry the architectural elements of a renovation with the required HVAC functionality. The talent of our Installation Technical Team is second to none in the industry, and is as much an art as it is a technical skill set.

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