Factory Trained Technicians

Our Technicians Are Our Family, Our Lifeblood

While air conditioning companies today have a number of ways to represent themselves—from websites and advertising to fleets of colorful vehicles rumbling around town—at John C. Cassidy, we firmly believe that our technicians are our company. This isn’t to say that all the other departments aren’t integral to the business. But for the vast majority of customers, the only face with whom they’ll interact is a John C. Cassidy technician.

We screen all of our technicians with the following questions:

  • Is he cordial, smiling, professional, competent? Yes.
  • Does he go above and beyond like you’re his only service call that day? Yes again.
  • Does he act as if his manager has empowered him to do whatever it takes to fully satisfy you and gain your customer loyalty? You bet he does.
  • It’s not just your luck of the draw. Our entire tech team is trained that way, and our corporate culture mandates honesty, integrity and the highest levels of customer service every time.

Our Technician Commitment

Each of our technicians, no matter how much experience prior to joining the John C. Cassidy team, is required to:

  • Train both in the field and classroom.
  • Be EPA certified.
  • Receive continuing education to keep up with our changing industry.

A John C. Cassidy Air Conditioning technician is not a handyman. He doesn’t split his time servicing kitchen appliances and repairing electrical. Our technicians are career cooling and heating professionals—the best in the field—most of whom will be with John C. Cassidy Air Conditioning for their entire career.

From the moment a John C. Cassidy technician steps foot in your home or business—wearing shoe covers, behaving courteously and professionally, and working diligently to service your system and satisfy your needs—you’ll know you’ve just enlisted a different breed.

The John C. Cassidy Difference

While John C. Cassidy sets hard and fast training requirements for all our technicians, there’s another side to the unequaled quality of service our team renders. We don’t train and manage our tech team with an iron fist—in fact, quite the opposite—which is why our technicians so often stay with the company for decades. Cliché as it might sound, our technicians enjoy working at John C. Cassidy and the mindset shines brightly in their attitude, work ethic and quality of customer service. Consider these differences:

  • Unlike most air conditioning contractors that assign their techs a full day’s schedule of service calls at the outset, our techs are assigned just one call at a time. With John C. Cassidy, you’ll never find our technicians cutting corners, pressured to get to the next service call, or eager to get home for the day.
  • Our technicians are full-time employees, with fruitful benefit packages, including health insurance, vacation days, and retirement benefits. We don’t employ subcontractors who might not have the best interest of the company and customer in mind.
  • Our technicians aren’t saddled with the responsibility of selling replacement systems or components, and so can focus solely on servicing and maintaining your cooling and heating system, and rendering the highest levels of customer service in the industry.
  • Our technicians are empowered by management to make judgment calls in the field in order to satisfy their customer.
  • Lastly, John C. Cassidy Air Conditioning, Inc. is simply a pleasant place at which to work. We have regular company gatherings and outings with family, holiday celebrations, exemplary employee recognitions, and carefully consider all employee input and feedback for making operational and strategic improvements.

John C. Cassidy’s team of technicians is the best in the business, and it’s no accident.

Want To Join Our Team?

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